Department of Agricultural Research

Agricultural research is always considered as the first step in research on medicinal plants and herbal medicines. The first steps in providing the materials for the making of medicinal herbal products are the discovery of wild medicinal plants in nature, scientific identification, cultivation, domestication and their establishment

Other responsibilities of agricultural research departments in pharmaceutical companies are having knowledge of the planting process, harvesting, storage of different medicinal plants, and the application of agricultural operations to access the optimum conditions for the production and creation of maximum standard ingredients in medicinal plants and natural materials

The Department of Agricultural Research in Barij Essence Pharmaceutical Company with having researchers of various fields, farms, and education greenhouses and research collection, in addition to the above-mentioned responsibilities, provides the latest scientific information and research to other departments including the department of research and development, production, and purchasing as well as other scholars and enthusiasts

Goals and programs

Carrying out cultivation projects, domestication, and establishment of wild or non-native medicinal plants

Undertaking the necessary follow-up regarding the preparation of studied plants from natural areas or centers of production and cultivation and doing a feasibility assessment of cultivation and collection

Seek herbal ingredients, natural materials and materials used in traditional medicines

Designing optimum agricultural plans of different medicinal herbs with prioritization of company projects that are already underway

Participation in training of planting, harvesting, and extracting of medicinal plants in the company as well as communicating and exchanging ideas with managers and experts in farms and manufacturing subsidiaries of the company and if necessary, adjusting cooperation agreements

Developing botanical projects of medicinal herbs

Supervising the transfer of research findings in the field of production

Protection, completion, and improvement of training farms (research collection) of medicinal herbs to gather pilot plants for seed propagation, to experience different methods of planting and harvesting valuable species, to increase scholarly familiarity with these plants, and to record and provide results

Carrying out affairs related to the research greenhouse of the company and preparing it for enthusiast visitors and research projects

Conducting specialized agricultural research meetings attended by members with various attitudes of agriculture and reviewing needed items

Evaluating the ideas raised in each research unit and investigating the projects taking place outside the company in terms of botany and the possibility of providing their plants

Cooperation with students and researchers who are carrying out their plans and projects within the company as a joint design

Participation in national, provincial, and local projects in the field of medicinal herbs

Tracking ongoing projects as well as joint projects outside the company

Presenting ideas and proposals in various fields of planting and harvesting of medicinal plants especially with regards to optimized agriculture, cultivation, and domestication of some medicinal plants and producing new products

Preparing the herbarium of different plants and necessary efforts for their identification

Participating in seminars, conferences, exhibitions, and the relevant training courses needed

Preparing seed samples of different medicinal plants in order to create a seed bank

Preparing and printing tables, brochures and other necessary figures relating botanical information, planting, and harvesting of some medicinal plants

Collaborating and exchanging ideas with other research and academic centers in order to achieve more information and experiences

Set up the Department of Entomology and Plant Protection

Tasks related to the agriculture and entomology lab

Compilation and publication of articles, handbooks, and books on a variety of medicinal plants

Group members and their research activities


HosseinHosseini, MA of Medicinal Plants—Head of Agricultural Research Department