Barij Essence Diaper Rash Cream

Prevention of rash

Treatment of rash

More than 75% of toddlers suffer from dermatitis or diaper rash in the first months of their lives. Constant contact between the skin adjacent to the diaper with urine and stool causes inflammation and rash and makes the baby restless and insomniac. This condition manifests itself in three forms: irritant contact dermatitis, fungal (caused by Candida) and seborrheic.


Barij Essence Diaper Rash Cream contains extracts of Aloe vera, chamomile and henna and has all the required properties to protect your child’s skin. It is suitable for treatment of all three types of diaper rash.

Aloe vera: Aloe vera gel is nutrient and moisturizing and efficient in wound healing. This gel contains amino acids, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, proteins, polysaccharides and biological stimulants. It soothes the burning sensation in skin, retains its natural moisture and vitality, alleviates dermal irritations and protects the skin against the adverse effects of its contact with urine and stool.

Chamomile: Chamomile extract is a valuable option for various skin conditions, especially hypersensitive, reddened or dry skins. Its main indications are in treatment of eczema, hives, all conditions accompanied by dryness, scaling, itching and formation of red spots. Chamomile is suitable for babies’ dermatitis and its efficacy in elimination of symptoms of eczema equals that of hydrocortisone 0.25%. It also inhibits Candida albicans.

Henna: This herb has been topically used in treatment of fungal dermal conditions and has antibacterial properties. Also, the tannin present in its extract is astringent and reduces perspiration, alleviates itching and reduces burn and pain in cases of burn. 

Prevention of rash: Constantly check the baby’s diaper so that you can change it as soon as it becomes wet or dirty. Gently rinse the baby’s skin with lukewarm water and pat it dry. Apply a thin layer of Diaper Rash Cream to the skin to form a protecting barrier against the moisture and irritations caused by urine and stool. This procedure is of more importance during the night, when your baby’s skin would longer be in contact with the diaper.  

Treatment of rash: As soon as seeing the initial signs of redness, instantly set out to treat it. Gently wipe the skin clean, leave it to dry, and then apply a thin layer of Diaper Rash Cream to the skin. Repeat this procedure every time you change the diaper. Constantly check the diaper, especially after feeding the baby, and once needed, change it at the earliest possible chance.  

Application of Barij Essence Diaper Rash Cream after each time of changing the diaper alleviates the redness and rash, prevents their re-occurrence, keeps the delicate and sensitive skin of your baby healthy, and helps with your baby’s calmness and sleep. This cream is easily absorbed to the skin and, whenever necessary, can be easily washed off without using soap. 

To the extent possible, the contact area with the diaper needs to be protected from irritants and kept dry. It is important to change the diaper frequently and to use disposable diapers with absorbent gel matrix to the extent possible. Napkin diapers need to be rinsed enough to make sure all detergent and soap bases are out. It is also recommended to do a final rinse using dilute vinegar.

Due to the probability of thinning of the baby’s skin, deceleration of the healing of the wound, and occurrence of secondary infections -which are among the adverse reactions of administration of products which contain corticosteroids- ointments and creams containing strong corticosteroids and Triamcinolone NN should not be used.

To prevent the particles of baby powder from entering your baby’s respiratory system, it is better not to use talc powders to treat chronic dermatitis.

It is best that the baby’s room is not kept hot and humid.