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Barij Essence, the Selected Producer of ITEC Conference
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Time :01/10/2013

Barij Essence, the Selected Producer of ITEC Conference

The Sixth Conference of Managers and Heads of Large Production and Service Companies of Iran was held at the International Conference Hall of IRI.B. of Iran on June 26, attended by Mr. Jamshid Pajouyan, Head of the Competitions Council, Mr. Hadi Ghanimifard, Head of Natioanl Network of Industries and Mines Houses of Iran and more than one thousand and 400 of managers and heads of the outstanding and excellent production and service companies of Iran.

Mirza Baba Motaharnejad, the Chairman of the Conference of Heads of Production Companies (ITEC) in this Conference, noted the differences and characteristics of the Sixth Conference in comparison with the previous years and stated: “This time, alongside the Conference, an educational section is held with the core of creativity and innovation in marketing and decisions making; and this could be the milestone of educational activities in next periods.

Noting that like previous courses, this conference has a section for appreciating various businessmen and active companies in the economy in production, industry and services sector, he said: “This year, for the first time, in selecting the outstanding and excellent companies we used the extra- organizational evaluations such as communication with the customers, developing questionnaires…to measure the performance of units based on scientific criteria.

According to Motaharnejad, in that study, all companies and production units were evaluated in their own scales and based on a specific classifications.

By admitting that the performance of production companies is valued by non-governmental organizations, he stated: “Today, world is moving towards evaluating performances by popular entities and organizations.

The secretariat of this conference announced that the results of surveying customers were the most important criteria in selecting the superior companies; however, other indexes such as amount of financial turn over, sale, production volume, brand management, entrepreneurship, job creation, intra-organization education, improvement of quality, attention to standards, expansion of distribution and access to the products were also examined by the scientific and research centers.

Barij Essence Pharmaceutical Company received the Appreciation Award and Sculpture of the Conference along with ISO1688:2010 Certificate.