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Quality Policy Based on ISO 9001

Barij Essence Pharmaceutical Company is the manufacturer of pharmaceuticals (human and animal) and cosmetic products with the goal of producing health and food supplements based on the active ingredient in herbal products with maximum effectiveness and minimal side effects.

To achieve this goal and distribute the culture of using herbal medicines in the community with a commitment to meet customer demands and fully observe the laws and related regulations (local, national, and international), quality objectives are set in this context and the following strategies are pursued:

√  Management and corporate governance based on pharmaceutical knowledge and observance of the principles of GMP
√  Development and research of the identification and cultivation of medicinal plants in various stages of clinical research in plant breeding at the Jondishapur Research Center in order to increase the entry of new products and meet customer needs
√  Creation and development of traditional medicine research to produce traditional Iranian medicines
√  Using knowledge and technology alongside Iran’s scientific heritage for research, production, and continuous quality improvement
√  Research communication with overseas and exporting products
√  Enhancing and transforming medicines to the form of tablets, capsules, and pearls for improving the taste and odor of medicines and increasing customer satisfaction
√  Continuing education and maintaining all employees up-to-date to enhance their abilities and their participation in company affairs
√  Providing education regarding traditional medicine to interested physicians by the publication and promotion of traditional medicine in Iran


To achieve the above strategies and continuously gaining and improving customer satisfaction, a quality management system in compliance with the requirements of international standard ISO 9001 (2008 version) is created and deployed. The management of this company is committed to annually review and improve the effectiveness of its systems and processes, and expects of all scientist employees who are the company’s main assets to participate in this regard actively.


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